Complementary Therapies


Omagh Support Group offer complementary therapies to its members. Members can avail of treatments such as Aromatherapy Back Massage, Swedish Massage, Neck & Shoulder, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp, Back Massage, Hot Stone Back Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. All treatments take place in our fully equipped therapy room located downstairs at the Omagh Support premises, Bridge Centre, Omagh. We have disabled parking, and disability access and toilets. Service users are required to complete pre and post therapy questionnaires to assess the extent to which the treatment has assisted them over the course of treatment. Service users are also reminded that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Only in exceptional circumstances will they be able to redeem the treatment session.


Complementary Therapies such as Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy are holistic in that they treat the individual on all levels of being – mind – body – spirit. When a treatment is given alongside receiving conventional medicine it is called complementary as it works in conjunction with the former. The provision of complementary therapies enables members to become more relaxed and alleviate pain from their body and mind. Feedback from this service has been positive were a number of members have stated;

Complementary therapies welcome a positive energy within the service users. Omagh Support Group firmly believe that the provision of such therapies have enabled members to have confidence in holistic healing processes. Many people regard using complementary therapies as a positive choice they can make for their health and well-being. All information is treated with the strictest of confidence.


  • Relaxation of the whole body
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Relieves tired and aching muscles
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Diminishes chronic pain
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Enhances skin tone
  • Assists in recovery from injuries and illness
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces tension headaches and mental stress
  • Improves concentration
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Aids in mental relaxation
  • Improves condition of the body
  • Reduces anxiety, depression, spasms and cramping
  • Relaxes and softens injured, tired and overused muscles
  • Circulation improvement
  • Detoxify and cleanses the body
  • Balances the body


If you are interested in availing of complementary therapies and receiving the benefits mentioned please contact 02882259877.