Counselling Service

Counselling is an opportunity to look at concerns or issues that are creating difficulties in our lives and to explore what we might do to change our lives in a safe and supported environment.

If you haven’t experienced counselling before, you may have some questions.

  • What exactly is Counselling?
  • How does it work?
  • Will I be given advice?
  • Is it for me?
  • Is it confidential?
  • Is it expensive?

If we want to see ourselves, we look into a mirror.

In counselling you are encouraged to gently look into the “mirror of yourself” so that you can process that information; untangle and understand those thoughts and those feelings that make up “you”.

With this reflection, you can begin to see more clearly. You can consider changes you may like to make to promote a happier life for yourself and those around you.

Counselling is all about you being yourself and getting to know yourself.

Sometimes it’s really good to talk with someoneย outsideย the situation. Counselling lets you work through your experiences. The counsellor will listen and help you make sense of things and you will learn new ways to cope or change. This is a free service.