Health & Wellbeing

One-to-one support is available to new & existing members of the Group who have been bereaved and/or injured as the result of “The Troubles/Conflict”.


  • Do you want to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing and quality of life?
  • Do you need help with accessing support services that are best for you?
  • Do you want to build self-confidence and motivation?
  • Do you want to enjoy new friendships?

If YES, Contact Omagh Support and Self Help Group to become a member and arrange an appointment with our Health & Wellbeing Caseworker


Person-centred support includes:
  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Provision of disability aids
  • Education & training
  • Complementary & talking or psychological therapies or stress management
  • Trauma Focused Physical activity
  • Volunteering
  • Social Support
  • Family Support


How do I access Help?


Mrs Audrey Adams
Health and Wellbeing Caseworker
Tel: 028 82259877  Ext. 208