“The Legal Aid Agency have made it known that they are discriminating against us, using the excuse that because our legal team, KRW LAW LLP is based in Belfast that we are not entitled to the same level of legal aid as those in England or Wales, even thought the Government amended the law in 2017, so that KRW LAW were able to apply for a special Legal Aid certificate to act on our behalf. As such, we have a huge shortfall in our legal funds and are in desperate need of £60,000 within the next 3 weeks. Our Inquest begins on Monday 25 February 2019.

Our inquest is Article 2 compliant (Right to Life) this means that the government should provide the families with sufficient funds so that we are able to ‘effectively participate’, which we now discover will not be possible. The LAA have only given us fund for 1 QC and 1 Junior. When you compare that to the Coroner’s legal team 2 QCs, 3 Juniors & an army of solicitors (all in the court room) and the same level of legal representation will be afforded to MI5, MI6, Ministry of Defence, West Midlands Police, Devon & Cornwall Police and the Emergency Services – all of which WE, the taxpayers, will be paying for, you can see the utter inequality of funds and justice.

If you would like to help us in our plight for truth, justice & accountability we would be very grateful indeed. As such, please click on this link where you can make a donation of what ever you can afford. Thank YOU very much! ”